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capitolreaping's Journal

THG Sorting: The Reaping
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Welcome to The Hunger Games

We are a landcomm based on the world created by Suzanne Collins in The Hunger Games. Your first step if you wish to join us will be to fill out the application at capitolreaping and get sorted into a district. Rather than a traditional style of sorting, your sorting will operate much like a friending meme. Existing members will interact with you and attempt to "claim" you for their district(s). At the end of your sorting period, the Gamemakers will place you into a district. This might be done at random, at the whim of the Gamemaker or through the Mayor of one or more districts attempting to "bribe" the Gamemakers into placing you with them.

Make no mistake, however. The Gamemakers are in control here.

The Games will exist in two parts. First, their will be district games designed to select a volunteer tribute for each district. Those wishing to compete in the Games will need to participate in their district activities. Participants will be scored on a point system and the member with the best overall score in their district will earn a spot as tribute to complete in the games. Additionally, the gamemakers will select another member at random for each district. These random selections will become the second tribute for their district.

Once tributes have been selected, the second phase of the games will begin. Tributes will complete a variety of tasks - which could be anything from graphics to writing to puzzles to anything else your twisted Gamemakers come up with. This portion of the competition will operate in LIMS style with one or more of the tributes being eliminated with each task until there is only one remaining. The remaining victor shall earn eternal glory, coin for his/her district and other shiny things.

Don't worry if you're not selected as a tribute, though! There will be plenty of other fun things to do - socializing, various activities outside of the games that will earn you coin, a place to share your creative works, discussions and more. The coin you earn around the community will have it's uses, whether it's to buy your way into another district, bribe the gamemakers into assigning new people to your district or help our your district tributes with sponsor gifts.

For more information on how everything with work, please see our FAQ.

Sorting Guidelines for Applicants
1. Fill out the application and submit it as a post to this community if you wish to be sorted.
2. Please be as detailed as possible in your responses. The more you tell us about you, the more response you are likely to get to your application.
3. Wait until you see the comment from the Gamemakers announcing which district you will be in before joining any of the other communities. You are, however, free to comment on others' applications while you wait for your own sort.

Sorting Guidelines for Members
1. Comment on as many or as few applications as you want. Start up discussions with the applicants, voice your desires to claim them for your district, pretty much anything goes.
2. District Mayors will be the only ones allowed to officially bid on applicants. If you are a District Mayor and wish to place a bid, please go here.
3. This should go without saying, but please be polite when sorting.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Feel free to PM makerofgames and we will do our best to answer it for you.

Communities for Everyone
capitolreaping - Get sorted into a District.
capitolstamping - Get stamped as a THG character, etc.
gamesarena - Where the games will take place.
justicesquare - General socializing and announcements.
trainingarena - General contests to earn coin for your district.
outsidethefence - Post writing and graphics work for coins.

District Communities
districti         districtii
districtiii         districtiv
districtv         districtvi
districtvii         districtviii
districtix         districtx
districtxi         districtxii